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Order directly from Hong Kong!

We have created a pre-order interface for our clients to order products directly from Hong Kong.

Order directly from Hong Kong!

As of 2021-09-06 all of our registered clients can access our new Pre-order module on bluefinmobileshop.com.

Registered customers can check the video guide for details about the operation of the new module.

Everyone who is our registered customer and has full access to the webshop can use our HK pre-order service.

Customers will receive an email notification when the pre-order period starts and a notification when pre-order period ends. This information (start and end date) will display on the website as well.

There are different options how can registered customers make an order.

First, all registrants who registered and have full access to webshop will receive an excel file via email that needed to be fill out. The file is also available and downloadable from the website. This excel sheet contains the list of products and prices that are available in pre-order for a certain period.

Options for making an order:

  1. Make an order via website.
  2. Import using the received excel file.
  3. Send the order to Sales representative via email or Skype or any other social application.

There is a minimum order value which is 1000 EUR. You can add and remove items to your pre-order cart as long as the pre-order period lasts. If the minimum order value is reached your order will be automatically processed at the end of the pre-order period. If the minimum order value is not met your order will be discarded. You can edit the pre-order via website or ask your Sales representative to do that for you. If you reach the minimum order value (1000 EUR) then the order is automatically submitted once the pre-order period ends.

All confirmed orders with less than 5000 EUR order value will be charged 30 EUR shipping and 5 EUR insurance fee. If confirmed order value is above 5000 EUR no shipping or insurance will be charged.

Payment must be made once the proforma invoice is received via email, that will contain all the necessary information.

If you have questions about this service please contact us using [email protected] email address, check the service page, the created guide or ther corresponding section of the Terms and Conditions.