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An easy to use shopping interface designed to suite the needs of today's B2B customers dealing in the mobile device industry.


In order to provide our customers an outstanding shopping experience we have created our own shopping platform: bluefinmobileshop.com

With bluefinmobileshop.com shopping has never been easier as before with just a few clicks, you can place your orders using your PC, Smartphone or Tablet. As a returning customer, what you place in the basket is booked for you and nobody can take it, period.

Once an order is placed you can track its status and see when it gets packed and eventually shipped out.
The list of available goods and the prices gets updated every single hour so it is a good idea to keep an eye on your bluefinmobileshop.com account so you can snatch the best deals possible before anyone else.

Special Services available at bluefinmobileshop.com

Beyond the quick ordering process, bluefinmobileshop.com provides further functions, which make the shopping even easier: