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For those clients who have their own website we also provide an API and/or XML feed solution. So our warehouse can become their warehouse.


Managing inventory can give really hard time to the managers not to mention the time and money invested into it and the fact that a small error can result in losing both.

This one of a kind program can solve all your problems related to inventory management by making OUR warehouse YOUR warehouse.

We named our creation N.A.T.M. System since it only delivers you the items Needed At The Moment and nothing more.

How it works

This system is based on the principles of API.

What Is API?

The word API is actually an abbreviation that stands for Application Program Interface basically a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications.

But what does this mean to YOU?

When you get your website designed and built up the web developers are using different applications „building blocks” to build your website. API System is actually a building block provided by us that your programmer can build into your website.

After the application is successfully installed your website will synchronize with the servers of bluefinmobileshop.com and provide up-to-date information regarding all of the stocks that are available at the moment to your customers! Of course your customers will see your shop and your prices only and will have no idea that they see is actually not your stock.

What kind of information does the NATM System provide?
- After successful installation the API System will:

  1. Get current stock list
  2. Get details of the models including specifications and pictures
  3. Monitor new model arrivals
  4. Reserve articles
  5. Get reserved articles
  6. Removes reserved articles
  7. Create sales orders
  8. Show sales order history

How can YOU set it up?

Before we would get into deeper details it needs to be mentioned that the setup process takes more than just a few minutes and it also requires a qualified professional. Even after the setup has been finished it is better to run a few test rounds to make sure that it runs as it should.

If you wish to start the process of setting up the system the first thing you have to do is letting us know that you are interested in the N.A.T.M. System and send an e-mail to [email protected] so we can send you the setup instructions as well as give access for your website to our servers.

The instructions that you will get must be shown to a before mentioned professional web developer and/or programmer. The instructions will be used to setup the system.

IMPORTANT: if you do not possess the required skills and qualification to understand and use the provided data and setup the system, we highly recommend not to start the setup of the system on your own but rather contact a professional.

Once the installation is completed and testing is done, everything is ready to go.
Afterwards the management of the system requires minimal attention on the daily basis compared to complex inventory management.

All of your client’s orders will be booked under your name in our system and once your payment arrives we ship you the ordered goods in one day. By using this system you can minimize your inventory holding cost and keep less money in stock, ordering only what is needed and most important already has a buyer!

What to do if YOU have a problem later on?
If you happened to encounter any problems after the system has been set up you can contact our team, we will be happy to help you! We arrange that your programmer gets into contact with our professionals and get any problems that might occur fixed.

All in all by using NATM System you will:

  • Get REAL TIME INFORMATION about our stock, you don’t need to check anything for your customers they will see what is available.
  • Get MORE TIME to spend on other important issues
  • KEEP LESS MONEY IN STOCK so you don’t have to fear that you lose money on surplus inventory
  • SAVE ON SHIPPING by putting multiple customer orders together
  • MINMIZE WASTE by minimizing the level of inventory and order only what is Needed At The Moment and not more!

If you are registered and have further questions regarding this option please contact your Regional Sales Representative or the Customer Support, for unregistered users please contact Customer Support via the LIVE Chat available on our website or by calling our Call Center: +421 220 633 178.